Helping the  Environment

Small easy steps done collectively make a real difference

Changes we each make, however small, collectively make a real difference to our environment. Here are  some of the steps open to us: 

Ali’s recycling for the local community

Award winning Ali and team of  helpers collect a diverse items for recycling. They focus on items not collected by the Council.  Her mission: “Together we can make a better impact on our Planet”.

roadside and  waste centre recycling

West Berkshire Council offer roadside collection of garden, food, plastic, cans, paper and card. Their  recycling centres at Padworth and Newbury and Sainsbury’s Tadley accept additional types of (primarily plastic) waste not collected at the roadside. 

Hampstead Norreys Community Shop

winner of the Countryside alliance Best Rural Shop in Britain 2019, the team of volunteers are brimming with alternative products and ideas.

Thatcham & Newbury Plastic Free, recycling and zero waste 

greener towns & villages through sharing information on where to recycle, promoting zero waste & plastic free swaps.

Avoid, Re-use or recycle plastic

Where plastic is unavoidable, re-use it. If that’s not possible  check if/where it’s recyclable. 

Plastic Free Mortimer: a resident- led group that promote alternatives to plastic, by increasing awareness and gaining support from local businesss. Read about them HERE
Thatcham Refillable: promotes refilling used bottles to  reduce plastic waste. They have a  pop-up shop in Thatcham and regularly visit Burghfield Common. MORE INFO

Taking broader steps

here are some additional sources to help you help the environment. 

Small steps: THIS GUIDE shows some simple steps we can take

Blue Planet 2: Sir David Attenborough’s speaks for 2 minutes on single use plastic – WATCH HERE

Hampstead Norreys Community Shop:  their story featured in Kennet – LISTEN AGAIN HERE

West Berks Council:  is a source of additional ideas HERE and discussions HERE