About us

Established in 2016

Mortimer Life began by laying on and performing in music and arts  events with proceeds going to charity. 

During the pandemic we  took some time to create an online (web and social media) resource bringing relevant news and  events as well as promoting health, leisure  and environmental initiatives. 

If you have an event you’d like us to list or information you think is relevant to the community, please get in touch.

Our inaugural event  brought Kingsclere Guitar Society’s mix of popular and classical guitar to Mortimer, raising £158 for St Michael’s Hospice, in memory of Tim Gilson, who’d run the society until his early death in 2015.

In 2017 we turned our attention to the story of “watery wireless” with the sell-out “A Pirate’s Tale – the real Boats that Rocked”.  Richard Swainson recounted life aboard 1960s highly successful Radio London (Big L) and Radio Caroline and BBC stalwart  Roger “Twiggy” Day came from deepest Maidstone to bring us his “50 Shades Day”, an entertaining tale of his  varied career,  The event was compered by local resident Nick who’d spent time on  legendary broadcaster Radio Caroline in the 1980s.  Thanks to assistants Lynn, Sue and Roy, the unflappable John and the irrepressible Richard Coles, the event raised £555 for Prostate Cancer UK.  

We’ve also been delighted to work with the South Berks Concert Band, Andy Lavery and other local performers to promote their music and events.

Mortimer Life was for an affiliate of Mortimer Village Partnership from 2016 to 2022. Oddly, having renewed for 2023, and continued to promote their events,  we were told that we didn’t meet their criteria. We suggested that we do  fully comply with their rules as shown HERE but this has falled on deaf ears. We continue undeterred to work with like minded groups to serve the community.  


Clear and relevant news, information and events 


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