Ali's community Recycling

Ali’s team of volunteers collect diverse items for recycling as part of the manufacturer-funded “Terracycle” scheme, aimed primarily at recycling items NOT collected by the Council via roadside collection or waste and recycling centres.

The table below lists what is and is not accepted by Terracycle.  Since Terracycle comprises multiple manufacturer schemes, you’ll find that some items not accepted on one scheme are accepted by another – for example Pretzel bags are accepted under the “KP Nuts..” scheme.

There’s an alternative pictorial view of the same information below the table.  Below the pictures is a list of additional (non Terracycle) items that Ali’s team also collect. 

Please place your items (bagged) in labelled wheelie bins outside Mortimer Methodist Church, West End Road ensuring that.

  • Items are clean AND bagged per category- NOT dropped in loose.   
  • You checked carefully that your items ARE listed  before dropping them off.

Happy sorting and bagging!

Terracycle items - in a table

CategoryAcceptedNot Acceptednotes
KP Snacks nuts, popcorn, crisp and pretzel packetsNut, preztel, crisp, popcorn and nuts packets and multipacks- all brands.seed packets
nutrient powder and topper packets. crisp packets of any kind.
meat snack packets
crisp tubes
Pringles cansAll sizes, including lid and sealother tube types
Bread bagsAny brand of bread loaf bagbaguette, bread roll, bagel, pretzel* & crumpet, wraps, pitta, naan, garlic bread, croissant, brioche, pastry, tea cake, fruit loaf, scone, donut, muffin, cake, cake bar, pancake & waffle packaging* pretzel packets collected under KP Snacks nuts scheme
CheeseAny brand of flexible plastic cheese packaging, nets and pouches, Any brand sliced cheese protective film, flexible cheese pouches, cathedral city mini (6 pack) labels, nets for mini cheeses.cheese tubs trays*
cardboard cheese boxes (as above)
aluminium cheese wrapping
wooden cheese boxes
cheese wax/wax paper
cheese slice dividers
squeezy cheese tubes
labels from other Cathedral City nets products or other brands of mini cheeses
items marked * can go in roadside recycling
Oral CareAny brand toothpaste/tubes
Any brand plastic toothbrush
Any brand toothpaste packaging
Any brand carton
non plastic toothbrushes
interdental brushes
battery toothbrushes
dental floss
mouthwash bottles
breath freshener spray
denture adhesive/tablet packaging
denture cream tubes
outer packaging not containing toothbrush, toothpaste or floss
tubes not containing toothpaste
toothpaste pumps
toothache kits

RB Hygiene Homeflexible dishwasher tablet cardboard packaging/outer plastic sleeve
dishwasher cleaner/freshener outer packaging
flexible plastic dishwaser
Laundry detergent packaging, toilet freshener packaging, aerosols, plastic bottles and tubs, dishwasher liquid bottle, rinse aid packaging, fragrance candles, reeds, plug ins and autosprays, soda crystal packaging, washing machine and over cleaner packaging, cardboard.plastic bottles and cardboard can go in roadside collection
Writing instrumentsAny brand pen, highlighter, marker, correction fluid potglue sticks, erasers, rulers, pencils, scissors
Air home and laundry careAll flexible dishwasher tablet packaging. Lenor tumble drier sheetsLenor tumble drier sheet cardboard packaging.
Burt's Bees Personal Careflexible/metallic plastic body cream/ointment/moisturiser tubes
eye shadow compacts
lip/cheek highlighter and bronzer sticks
mascara tubes/wands
flexible plastic facial cleanser wipe packaging
lip stick/gloss/balm
glass, rigid bottles/pots/tubs for personal care, unless not accepted by council.
non personal care related flexible plastic tubes/plastic wipe packaging. deodorant/body spray/perfume.
cardboard packaging (use council/Sainsburys)
Maybelline makeupempty face makeup packaging (compacts/tubs/pots)
empty lip makeup packaging (lipstick/gloss/balm)
glass bottles (eg foundation, cream eyeshadow jars)
wooden eye pencils
makeup brushes
nail varnish
Personal care and beautyAll brands flexible single use mask packaging and blue plastic film on top of tissue mask as used for personal care/beauty products.
flexible plastic wipes packaging for personal care/beauty products
plastic roll on deodorants
hair colourant kits (excl. rigid bottles or cardboard packaging)
personal care/beaty product packaging caps, pumps and triggers (excl rigid bottles)
rigid bottles (shampoo/skin/sun protection/body care)
plastic pots/tubes not used for personal care
cardboard packaging
flexible plastic wipes packaging not used for personal care/beauty products
Disposable glovesDisposable polythene, latex and nitrile gloves. non disposable gloves. disposable gloves used for business or professionally, cardboard packaging put cardboard packaging in roadside collection
Carex hand washCarex imperial leather, Bayley's of Bond Street hand wash pumps
Carex hand wash refill puches and caps
other brands of hand wash pumps and refills
plastic hand wash bottles, hand gel bottles and caps (use council recycling)
hand cream bottles & pumps
Aqua Optima water filtersAqua Optima Universal, Evolve+, Evolve 30 and 60 day water filters Other brands of water filter
Water filter packaging
Babybell Babybell nets, metal clasp, labels, Individual wrappers, wax, Mini Rolls flexible plastic packaging, Mini Rolls sleeves and plastic traysother brands of cheese packaging, other brands of snack packaging, cardboard packaging (use council or Sainsburys)
Confectionaryplastic chocolate and sweets pouches and bags. individual
chocolate bar wrappers, plastic chocolate block wrappers
chocolate and sweets multi pack outer plastic packaging.
breakfast/granola/energy bar wrappers
aluminiium foil, cardboard and paper wrappers.
tins and rigid plastic trays/tubs (see council recycling)
quality street wrappers (use home composting)
Pladis biscuits and snacksAll brands of non savoury biscuit, crackers and cakes bars (eg jaffa cake/hobnob bars) wrappers.
cardboard packaging*for items marked * use roadside or Sainsbury recycling. for hard plastic check other lists
Kinder eggfoil packaging, rigid packaging, chocolate wrappers, flexible plastic packagingcardboard or packaging from other brandscheck other categories for other brand accepted items.
Ferrero RocherFerrero Rocher and Collection gold trays, transparent box, foil wrapperspaper casings*, cardboard packaging*, other brands of similar itemsfor items marked * use roadside or Sainsbury recycling. for hard plastic check other lists
Philips dental care Electric toothbrushes, heads and covers, flosser nozzles, flossing sticks and interdental brushes, floss containers, manual brushes.battery operated toothbrushes, electric toothbrush handles, toothpaste tubes and caps, outer cardboard packaging, dental floss, batteries.cardboard packaging can go in roadside recycling, batteries can go to Padworth tip. See Oral Care for toothpaste recycling.
Hair Care packagingAussie, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essence, Pantene and Bear Fruits: shampoo refil pouches, hair mask pouches, fkexible tubes, triggers and pumps. packaging from other brands, rigid bottlesput rigid bottles in roadside recycling
Coffeeground coffee pouches, flexible coffee packaging and coffee bean pouches - any brandindividual coffee bags, coffee capsules, ground coffee, cardboard packaging.Put cardboard packaging in roadside collection
Lavazza coffee podsLavazza Nespresso compatible pods.caps, Lavazza Eco Lavazza A Modo Mio compatible caps/pods,Non Eco Lavazza caps. Any other brand of capsule. Coffee bags, Cardboard packaging. Put cardboard packaging in roadside collection
Marigold glovesMarigold durable and disposable gloves. Marigold gloves plastic packaging. Other brands of durable and disposable gloves. Gloves that have been in contact with harsh chemicals, Gloves used for professonal applications. Cardboard packaging.There's a separate scheme other brans of disposable gloves. Put cardboard packaging in roadside collection.

terracycle items - in pictures

Click on any image for details and slide show. Don’t forget the list of additional accepted items below the image gallery.

Additional items accepted -via same drop off wheelie bins