Facilities for  hire

Mortimer currently has two halls and a fairground for hire with additional options in nearly villages.

St John’s Hall

Set in the  heart of the village, with its own car park, bar and stage, it’s  ideal for diverse community events from small groups to parties and performing arts. Prices from £10 per hour.

Community Centre

Centrally located, with car park and kitchen, the Community Centre is  ideal for parties, indoor sports and performing arts.  Booking via email.


The Fairground

Set at the heart of the village it comprises the play and recreation area and the grazing area, separated by a wildlife corridor.  The fairground is available for hire from the Parish Council.   


Garth Hall

Set up for  “young people and others” in the 1920s,  this hall is currently closed.  Registered as an Asset of Community Value in 2013 The Royal British Legion, the current trustee, wishes to establish if individuals/groups wish to take over fundraising/work to bring it back into use/take over its running as a community facility.   

Typical Events

Diverse events have taken place in the village. 

Music Festival: The village’s first music festival took place on a wet and windy June day in 2013 and was followed by popular annual tribute band shows on Fun Day.
Garage Music: Guitarists performed twice at a specially emptied Spratleys showroom. 
Music Events: Mortimer Music Live and helpers laid on Country, Jazz and Rock at St John’s Hall, The Willink and other venues.

Other facilities

Nearby facilities include Mortimer West End and Sulhamstead Village Hall and Beech Hill Memorial Hall:

Mortimer West End: suitable for parties and events. Details HERE 
Beech Hill Memorial Hall: Booking details HERE 
Sulhamstead Village Hall: Booking details HERE