Mortimer Heritage Trail

two walks exploring the sights and people of our past

created by Mortimer Local History Group in collaboration with parish councillors Carter and Ives, these two free walking guides explore Mortimer’s historic sights and people.

BBC berkshire walks the trial

Brigitte Tetteh sampled the trial with Carolyn Owens of Mortimer Local history group and parish councillor Nick Carter.

The old chapel

the chapel, now a private home features on walk 2.

health and education

both walks are circular, cross open countryside whilst being easy to walk in most weathers.

Brunel’s masterpiece

The last known surviving example of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s design for a small station and  featuring in the 1974 Dr Who episode ‘Planet of the Spiders’.

How it started

Peter Stone of Mortimer History Group met up with parish councillor Dudley Ives about the idea of publishing is research in a walk form. This led to the creation of the two printed walks, made for free download and stocked in the Baobab. 

Knowledge: Peter’s knowledge and research brings Mortimer’s history to more people
Project: The parish council was happy to support this initiative by creating the written document
Continuous Development: The walk’s producers are always on the lookout for additional content. 

Future Plans

A mobile version of the walk is under development and hoped to be released in Autumn 2021.  

Navigation: The app will allow users to following the trail directions on a mobile phone. 
Audio Commentary: There’ll be an audio commentary giving more details on each stops. 
Other Enhancements: The trail can be followed directly from a page on this site – no need to download a document.  Users can  submit photos of the landmarks.