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neighbourhood action group minutes -23/3/22

those present

Graham Bridgman: WBC district councillor, Geoff Mayes: WBC district councillor, Tom Tucker: Padworth PC, John Wells: Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council, David Gurney: Wokefield PC, Chris Lewis SMPC, Dudley Ives Mortimer Neighbourhood Watch, Sgt Dan Lond: TVP, Georgia
Dimes: TVP, Robert Hubbard-Clarke: TVP.

Recent crime figures (period 19/01/2022 / 23/03/2022)

Crime figures/ incidents show reported crimes between two dates for the NAG period for each parish. The figures reported are incidents / crimes that affect the local community and do not include private matters or domestic violence incidents.

Crime typeBurghfieldMortimerBeech HillSulhamsteadWokefieldUfton NervetPadworth
Burglary non dwelling0000000
Burglary dwelling0010000
Criminal Damage4201010
Theft from vehicle0000000
Theft of vehicle0000000
Assault with injury0000000
Assault without injury0000000
crime figures 19/1/22 to 23/3/22

Robert Hubbard-Clarke reported that Burghfield had had a dreadful weekend recently, with damage to vehicles, one upturned car, and one set alight in the woods, plus incidents on the recreation ground.

• Speed check completed on 13/03/2022 Mortimer Saint Catherine’s Hill, a number of speeds from
33MPH and 34MPH top-ticketed speeds 37MHP.
• Speed check completed on 22/03/2022 Reading Road Burghfield Common a number of speed
from 31mph and 34mph ticketed speeds were 38MPH and 46MPH.

Reports from the parishes

Only one report : Padworth reported that they had 1 racial issue/incident.


Richard Coles ( Mortimer NHW representative) was nominated as Secretary for this BMNAG.
There being no other nominees , he was elected by unanimous vote.

Date of Next meeting:

25th May 2022. Venue: ST John’s village hall Mortimer. Time: 7PM

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