Garth Club proposals

Proposals submitted for Garth Club

Two groups have come forward interested in restoring ‘Garth Club’ in Mortimer to use. This comes after the Royal British Legion in London, the current trustee, put out an appeal for new trustees.

Miss Capron (who later founder Mortimer FC) paid for the land and a club to be built, in memory of her nephew, killed during World War I. Originally aimed at young service men, its use was widened to serve the whole community. Events from dance classes to wedding receptions were held there until it closed in about 2011, after unsuitably heavy roof tiles were fitted.

At first the parish council expressed interest in taking the facility on,   getting it registered as an “asset of community value” and commissioning  surveys. It later changed focus to the idea of selling it with proceeds being used for the community in some way.

Local resident and parish councillor at the time, Nick Carter comments: “After researching the legalities, it seemed vital to find out if any individuals/groups wanted to take the club on, before it could be sold. In 2019 the trustee appeared to agree.  In April 2022, I ran a public consultation and face to face meeting, in a private capacity, at my own expense, (despite getting significant stick) to try to move the saga forward. To my surprise, this established not only  strong community support for saving the club, but people prepared to save it. Two local groups, Men’s Shed and Royal Berkshire Boxing, and several individuals offered to take on the challenge. After stalling and threatening to sell it, with the parish council telling them why they could not sell, the Royal British Legion eventually put out its call for new trustees in October ’23. I am delighted that after over 12 years we see signs of reaching a positive outcome, that honours Miss Capron’s intent and benefits the community”.

Mike Gomm, speaking for Men’s Shed stated “The proposal .. would involve repairing and updating the hall for use as “Mortimer Shed and Repair Café” with the former “running on similar lines to those run nationally and across many countries. It is intended to be fully inclusive for the whole community of Mortimer and the surrounding area ..  There will also be an area where people can access the internet and have help with online issues”. More HERE
Roy Davis, for Royal Berkshire Boxing stated: “Royal Berkshire Boxing aims to establish a boxing and fitness club to provide an inclusive and accessible space for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in physical activities, specifically boxing and related fitness programs. By offering an affordable and supportive  environment, Royal Berkshire Boxing aims to divert young individuals from negative influences, motivate personal growth, and provide opportunities for skill development… Royal Berkshire Boxing seeks to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and the broader community”.  Their full proposal is HERE