Public rights of way

The West Berkshire Council Consolidated ‘Definitive Map and Statement’ (DMS),  published 1 March 2019,  shows Public Rights of Way (PROWs) that existed on 14 August 2019.

If a route isn’t shown on the map, it doesn’t necessarily mean a PROW didn’t exist at that time – evidence might come to light showing forgotten, historic PROWs should be added, or showing that new PROWs have come into existence through long use by the public.

Map user guide

  1. Open map and select Mortimer in the search box (box left corner)
  2. Click the Layer List diamonds in the top right corner of the screen to the left of the ‘i’
  3. ‘Untick’ (by clicking on) each heading in the Layer List that appears, except ‘Countryside’.
  4. Click on the small arrow immediately left of the tick alongside ‘Countryside’
  5. Expand the ‘Countryside’ list by clicking the small > and check that ‘Public Rights of Way’ is the only item selected in the list that appears.
  6. Close the layer list
    You can now see the public rights of way recorded on the Definitive Map.

You can adjust the
view using the “+” and “–“ symbols in the top left corner or by dragging with the mouse.