neighbourhood plan

neighbourhood plan survey open

The Mortimer Neighbourhood Plan, adopted in 2017, covers the period to 2026. Its main focus was managing the 110 new houses, now being built.
A parish council-led group is shaping a new Plan, aimed at reflecting emerging national/local planning policies and adding new policies that the community wants.
📋Please have your say on what went well/less well in the prior Plan and what new facilities/services/policies you think should be included in a new one.
You can EITHER complete the survey that’s being delivered to properties with the MVP Newsletter, OR complete it online HERE
🤔The survey is open to anyone living or working in Mortimer.
🗳️Paper surveys should be returned to the collection boxes in Co-Op, Baobab doctors survery and the library. To request further copies email:
⌛Survey closes 30 July.