Mortimer Community Fibre Partnership


Always-on reliable connection, by  replacing old, potentially unreliable. copper cables with fibre optic from “exchange” to  home.

Up to 900 MB/s upload and download speeds.

Multiple users can work or play at once.

Estimated to bring a 2-3% increase in house value.

who qualifies?

Mortimer residents and businesses, with a Berkshire address, who aren’t served by Gigaclear, the existing provider (you can confirm that using their “can I get Gigaclear” checker HERE).

Small/ medium businesses with annual turnover of under EUR50 million, who are a limited company, sole trader or charity and operate from a Mortimer address are particularly welcomed to apply because their inclusion attracts  higher government funding to pay for the cabling to our homes. 

The availability list shows the provisional Mortimer Community Fibre coverage by postcode and property, but provided you have a Berkshire Mortimer postcode you should sign up if you want fibre to the premises. Someone will contact you in the event your property cannot be served.

how much will it cost AND HOW do I sign up?

Packages are available from multiple providers at prices ranging from about £30 per month, depending on provider/package/options.  In the event your current provider does not offer a contract change to the new services, you may need to pay a proportionate terminating fee based on remaining contract term.

If you want Fibre to the Premises just click Apply below and fill in your details on the form.


The older copper-connected systems are often unreliable, causing breaks in connection, which are frustrating for work and leisure users alike.

More and more services use/need Wi-Fi/internet connection, for example Netflix, Sky Q, video  door bells, games consoles and security cameras.  These place  concurrent demand for reliable and fast connection, which fibre to the premises is ideally suited to deliver.  

Independent research  suggests that fibre to the premises can increase houses prices by up to 2% and that the second most asked question when viewing a house for purchase or rent is the broadband speed. 

It’s likely that your current provider will offer service on the new system and a swap option. If the community fibre goes ahead you will have reasonable notice to plan a swap over. In the event your current provider does not offer service on community fibre,  you can typically leave by paying about 50% of the remaining term.  You may wish to check terms with your provider. 

It was started by a resident who works from home and was frustrated at the unreliability of the internet connection and approached a parish councillor for support, who created the sign up process.  Subsequently the parish council as a whole has put its support behind this, through publicising the scheme in its newsletter/web site and providing funding for a leaflet.

The exact coverage area is under evaluation by BT Openreach, the installer.  If you have a Mortimer Berkshire postcode and agree to take out a contract with a provider, please apply. We will keep you posted on whether your street has sufficient take-up to make installation viable.  

Street champions who  promote the scheme to  their neighbours to encourage take up has worked in other areas.   There needs to be roughly 50% take-up to make the project viable.